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Welcome to my digital alcove, a place where the keystrokes of today echo the innovations of tomorrow. I’m Hayden, but you might know me as Dax in the tech circles of Austin, Texas, where the bytes meet the BBQ.

As a Senior Engineer with a penchant for React, NextJS, and the ever-evolving realm of Web3, I’ve woven my expertise through the fabric of companies like ConsenSys and USAA. My journey has been a tapestry of code, community, and ceaseless curiosity.

Crafting Code and Community

My professional saga began with the disciplined precision of a Nuclear Electronics Technician in the US Navy, where I learned that the power of a reactor pales in comparison to the power of a well-crafted line of code. Transitioning to the tech industry, I found my stride in software development, where I’ve been fortunate to mentor under the luminaries of Developer Relations and contribute to the open-source odyssey at ConsenSys. With such a diverse background in Science and Technology I have found myself onstage at conferences like Persmissionless and EthGlobal. I pride myself on being a stellar engineer and science communicator.

Permissionless On Stage

The Blog’s Genesis

This blog is my repository, a collection of musings, learnings, and tech adventures. From the depths of Docker to the peaks of Postgres, I traverse the landscape of software development and chart the unexplored territories of Web3.

Why I Write

I write to demystify the complex, to share the epiphanies of a late-night coding session, and to connect with fellow travelers in the digital domain. Whether it’s a breakthrough in blockchain or a newfound npm package, you’ll find it chronicled here.

Join the Journey

So, if you’re intrigued by the intersection of technology and creativity, or if you’re simply looking for a fellow coder to share in the trials and triumphs of this digital odyssey, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s explore the future of code and the code of the future, together.

Connect with Me

Based in the tech heart of Austin and always a message away, I’m here to engage, enlighten, and evolve. Let’s code the future, one post at a time.