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Introducing Rusty Llama - Your Ollama Chat Companion

Posted on:November 7, 2023 at 05:06 AM

Here is the latest in my open-source work, it’s rare to stumble upon a beast of a tool as cool as Ollama. So when I jumped in the discord, I found a great community of engineers and enthusiasts. I can confidently say this is one of the most active and involved teams I have seen in a long time. While chatting, this great little script came to mind, and Rusty Llama was born.

Discord Chat Image

So now this single chat idea is now becoming a real macOS application which aims to be your new conversational partner, powered by the Ollama model and designed to coexist peacefully with your digital workflow.

What’s Rusty Llama?

Rusty Llama is a sleek macOS application that enables you to summon an AI chat companion at the press of a global hotkey. It’s your personal sounding board, idea bouncer, and digital confidante, all rolled into one. Built with the muscle of Rust and the agility of Tauri, coupled with the reactive grace of React, Rusty Llama is a very cool concept that is just starting out.

The Tech Behind the Companion

The application’s backbone is Rust, known for its performance and reliability. It’s a perfect choice for an application that sits quietly in the background but springs into action faster than a llama’s spit travels in the wind.

Llama Spit

With Tauri, Rusty Llama taps into a low-resource, high-security framework that enables the creation of lightweight desktop applications. Tauri is the silent force that makes sure your chat is private, secure, and doesn’t hog your system’s resources.

The front end is React and Vite, delivering a swift and smooth user interface that feels as natural as a conversation. And to keep things looking as sharp as a llama’s ears, TailwindCSS provides the utility-first CSS framework that makes Rusty Llama as pleasant to look at as it is to use.

Interacting with Ollama

At the heart of Rusty Llama is Ollama, an AI model tool that can load any open source model. Need to brainstorm ideas? Hit the hotkey. Stuck on a coding problem? Summon Rusty Llama. Feeling chatty? Your AI pal is just a keystroke away, always ready to engage.

Basic Preview Version of Rusty Llama

Open Source and Open Hearts

Rusty Llama is not just my project; it’s a community creation. As an open-source venture, it’s freely available for you to use, modify, and distribute. Whether you’re a developer looking to contribute to the project or a casual user who just enjoys a good chat, Rusty Llama is open to all.

Embrace the Llama Lifestyle

Whether you’re a macOS power user or a casual enthusiast, Rusty Llama is designed to fit seamlessly into your life. With its easy-to-use interface and low-impact presence, it’s like having a friend on call—no need to navigate away from your work, just chat and go.

Final Thoughts

In an ecosystem brimming with tools and toys, Rusty Llama stands out as a testament to what open-source can be—a confluence of community, creativity, and technology. I love how a random discord question turned into an open source project; it’s a statement that in the digital world, we can still find a space for meaningful conversations.

Join the herd and make Rusty Llama a part of your digital landscape. Contribute today!