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Rebuilding for Web5 - A Journey of Innovation and Leadership

Posted on:November 24, 2022 at 05:06 AM

Rebuilding for Web5: A Journey of Innovation and Leadership

Last month, I embarked on a whirlwind adventure with a Web5 startup, backed by the likes of Mr. Beast and Night Media. Our mission? To craft a browser extension that could instantly turn any web experience into a multiplayer adventure, bridging Web2 and Web3 identities in a seamless fusion. Think club penguin functionality and features directly injected into the DOM of any webpage you visit.

The Challenge

The project I joined was ambitious, but tangled in its own aspirations. Built on Next.js, the original codebase was a Gordian knot that stifled the team’s productivity. As a fresh pair of eyes with a senior developer’s perspective, my task was to diagnose the issues plaguing both the platform and the team.

The Pivot

It became clear that incremental fixes wouldn’t cut it. Alongside another senior engineer, we decided on a bold move: a complete rebuild. We hunkered down in a hotel room, fueled by the urgency of our task, and emerged with a robust framework for Chrome browser extensions. Our stack of choice? Vite, React, Storybook, and Docker.

The Code

The heart of our solution lies in the repository: vite-extension-template. This template is a testament to modern development practices and a beacon for those looking to innovate in the browser extension space.

Key Features

The Solution

Our boilerplate simplifies the process of setting up a new extension project. It comes pre-configured with:

The Outcome

The result of my intense sprint was a boilerplate that now lives on my GitHub, free for all to use. Despite my efforts, the project’s complexities eventually led to an outside firm taking over. Yet, this experience was far from a loss.

Lessons Learned

Through the chaos, I discovered a fervent passion for the development process and the nuances of team leadership. I learned that fostering a positive environment, where constructive feedback is the norm and mistakes are a chance for growth, is crucial. It’s about creating a space where learning is safe and production is protected.

Moving Forward

As I reflect on this journey, I realize that this was more than just a project. It was a proving ground for my abilities as a developer and a leader. And as I continue to share my experiences and the tools we created, I hope to inspire others to navigate their challenges with the same spirit of innovation and resilience.